Friends, the report of Assocham says that only 7 percent of those who have MBA degree in India are job-worthy. That is, students with 90 percent MBA degree are either zero or unemployed, whereas students are ready to take the risk of lakhs of rupees to take this degree and these students refrain from doing business because they believe in it. is at risk. ENTREPRENEUR IN INDIA

Now you are thinking why you are showing MBA people apart from business and why connecting them to jobs because nowadays this is the fashion or mindset can also be said that people do MBA only for jobs. 

When Sandeep Maheshwari sir was asked whether doing business is more risky, investment is needed, then Sandeep Maheshwari sir’s answer was that only one motivation is needed to do business if a voice is coming from inside you. Yes, I can do it, you can do business, then money will not be needed for your business. 

Money can come from anywhere and if you talk about risk, then if you look for an alternative according to the demand of the market, then the question of risk does not arise, then in aaj ke article we are going to see that becoming a business entrepreneur and MBA degree After taking business, which is the best to do this job and what you should choose, we will see by comparing. After watching this article you will be able to choose yourself whether direct business is good for you or should take MBA degree. The first parameter is costing. 

Let’s check the costing If we take MBA degree from private colleges in India, then every student has to pay 10 to 20 lakh rupees. Now think and see, 93 students are those who remain unemployed or underemployed, then where will their admission fees come from and even if they come, they will be wasted because they did not get the job or they could not do anything and those who get the job are those They are not capable enough to repay the loan and it takes at least 10 to 15 years to go to the above post. 

Will be right Although there is not much rocket science in an MBA degree, you are taught how to do business and how to manage it, what you can learn on the book even if you do not take an MBA degree.

 One such book is the personal MBA, if you read this book, then you will get half the knowledge of MBA from here. In top IIM ko end private colleges charge 10 to 20 lakh rupees on a student and there is no guarantee of getting a job or not because the MBAs that come out from private colleges do not have that much value in the market. 

This is fact. We are not saying so, the Assocham report is telling. Now it comes to those who are spending 10 to 20 lakh rupees. If you fail then even money is lost, then you can think that if you start a business then you will not need 20 lakh rupees, we assume that if you put your mind then you can start your business in 12 lakh rupees. can. 8.

 A big business will start in 10 lakh rupees, in which your problem will also be less because you yourself will not want your business to fail. Then you will work diligently, then according to this it is seen that doing business is much cheaper than MBA degree and you will get more knowledge. 

Yes, there is a risk in business, if you do not apply the idea properly, then the business is risky. And if it was really risky, then people like Adani Ambani and Anonymous would not be rich and not doing business today. 

Now let’s see job security friends, this is the mindset of our society, how much we are afraid to do business, we are taught from childhood that there is risk in business without money, but this is not true. If seen, doing a job is more risky because there you have only one reason that is salary. 

Meaning if you are doing a job and if you are fired from the job then what will you do and if you talk about government job then you can take BSNL only. Similarly, there is talk of selling Air India too, so you can imagine what will happen to those people who were sitting in the name of job security opting for government jobs and if you see a businessman, then every businessman invests in different places. They keep their assets for themselves.

 Even if he gets a loss in one business, he makes up for it from another business and no MBA degree is needed to become a businessman. MBA only teaches you the theory of business, but the market teaches you to do business, so according to this, there is not much risk in business. 

Next we go to work freedom dekhte hai dekha, then only a small businessman becomes a big businessman in future and MBA degree is not required to become a businessman. That is, if you do business then you will automatically be able to gain knowledge of MBA people.

 But you cannot think like a businessman by taking MBA degree because you will not have practical knowledge that’s why businessman is always on top and if you want to do business then you don’t have to live with MBA degree.

 Now they can do business like this and the advantage of becoming an entrepreneur is that they do not have to request anyone for leave because they run their own business and work whenever they want and can take leave whenever they want and MBA in their business. Keep it so that you can give instruction.

 Even if he does not come to work, then his work continues, then according to this, there is more freedom in the work of a businessman and someone has said a lot, be a better small boss than be a big servant. At least there is freedom of work. 


Warren Buffett says that if a person has failed in his business, I would like to hire him more than an MBA student because the knowledge of a person who failed in business is more than a student with an MBA degree. 

So you can understand that big corporates give more importance to a failure businessman than MBA, then you imagine if you do a business orgy. Even if he fails, then by using the knowledge you will get from him, you can take a job in any company, so that according to our facts, if you get top twenty or top city colleges also. For MBA, you should do MBA and if you do not get it then you should focus in business because if you compare the knowledge, then the knowledge of a business man is more than that of an MBA.

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