Role of Bussiness In Student life.

 Chetan works as a security guard outside a big company and there is also a tea samosa shop outside the same company. Every day, while going home at 6 o’clock in the evening, Chetan used to stop in the shop of that samosa seller, sipping tea and eating samosas, creating an atmosphere of politics in the country and the world. 


One such day Chetan gets promoted. Even after getting promoted from the guard to the post of clerk, Chetan used to go to the same shop to eat tea and samosas, but one day he only gives a phone call to the samosas in similar matters, but yesterday he was frying samosas even today. While frying, I have become a clerk from the guard, then the samosa person gets happy and congratulates him, but still Chetan goes to the same shop to eat samosas every day. 

Now the samosa seller also makes a pucca shop from his raw shop, seeing the shop again he says brother, you were frying samosas even five years ago and even today and seeing me became a clerk from guard. Then he became a manager from a clerk. The person with samosas gets angry in his mind, but says by keeping a smile on his face, then it is a matter of happiness that today tea and samosa are free from my side. 

After that Chetan gets promoted again and same things you were frying samosas yesterday also you are frying samosas even today. And seeing me was the card first, then the manager has now become a senior manager. On hearing this, the samosa seller would get angry and say, brother, suppose after five years from today, you believe that I have died too. 

After five years, now what will happen to your girl with your family, I used to have a raw shop earlier, now I have a pucca shop, my boy will get a pucca shop, what will your boy get nothing, you are the senior manager now. If your boy also wants a job in scene post, then you will have to study more than you, will have to invest time pass like you, yet there is no guarantee that he will get a position like you. But my boy will get an asset without any investment without studies in which he will have to invest three to four months. Learn to make samosas and then he will start earning like me. 

Friends, like this story, there would be a difference in the circle of job and business people. Jobseekers always lead an average lifestyle and businessmen lead a good lifestyle. The people doing the job think only about themselves, but they do the work of development by creating jobs in a healthy society for all those doing business and they create assets so that they can pass on to their coming generation. 

It is also not that job workers do not make any asset for their family, but still, why do those who do not earn more fame money than those who do not move ahead in business, in this video we will see from the fresh difference that appears ahead. 

Employees Work for Money Bonus and Bride When Robert’s he was 9 years old, he goes to his Reach Dad for financial medication. Then their rated makes an offer in front of them that if you want to take financial education from me then you will have to do one thing for me and in return you will get tension. 

You have very little style sense, yet Robert agrees to work. Robert used to do hours cleaning work in his shop and in return he was in Tencent and he would come home and many days passed like this but his rich dad never came to see him and was ignoring Robert even to see him. Seeing all this, Robert went to his father’s office angrily one day and said that I have come to take financial education from you but you are the one getting me to work. 

And they give so little money, at least I should get enough money so that I can do a comic book. Hearing this, Robert’s rich dad says with a smile, look, this is your first lesson because when I start giving you money in exchange for your time, your mindset also becomes like an employee and this is what happens. 

To the surprise, they get access to money in return for their time, but entrepreneurial businessmen also agree to work for free to learn the job. Its value is more than money in their life. Next Employees US Late Those Knowledge Businessmen Users Adarsh ​​Knowledge We have a limited time and a limited knowledge and these businessmen know if they want to check success then they have to take help of others also. 

Suppose people with different different skills work together in a group to achieve the same goal, then will you be able to coach them alone. It is simple but people with job maternity feel that they should have all kinds of knowledge because they believe that a real man does his own work and never depends on others. 

That’s why the businessman is someone in his work. In this, they also make others partners because they know that if they want to get angry, then nothing is going to happen with their limited knowledge. That’s why not all people are businessmen at every level they take of others, most of the shopkeepers around you are self employed. If you want to know which people are businessmen and which salesmen cancel. 

For that you must watch this article. Night in job maternity men save their money whereas businessman invest his money in these jobs after delivery lives his whole life with the same philosophy that he should live with skimping. Doesn’t drink extra coffee even if it can be done with money. Doesn’t go shopping on weekends. He doesn’t go to see his favorite movie. They ask for extra coriander from the vegetable vendors because they want to save all the money so that they can live a good life after retirement and think it is completely useless.

 Because you want to spend your entire youth in miserliness, then does it mean that we should not share money properly. But it should be kept investing in a good place so that you can enjoy in your youth and this is the difference. Businessmen and shocking businessmen invest their money in real estate stock mutual funds. 

Identified FT policy bonds rely heavily on these as they do not like to take risks. That’s why money keeps coming to the businessman from different places, due to which he becomes richer and people of job mindset put all their energy and investment in saving money for whole life, even if they do recovery investment. He can never become rich. 

People of night job circle are always confused. Big businessmen accept this comfort. People of maximum job maternity look for comfort in everything. Comfort of money, comfort of promotion, comfort of physical comfort etc. These people have to earn money but need hard work packed promotion but don’t work for it. 

That’s why all of them want a government job, they have to become rich and don’t try anything new after coming from the head office. Similarly, everywhere these people keep looking for comfort, due to which it happens that they are never able to grow in full life. Bad vice versa. Businessmen always keep dis comfort as their friend, that’s why they are able to easily crack deals, meet new clients, new people, because business entrepreneurs know that their life’s dis comfort makes them different from others.

 That’s why businessmen can become more wealthy and successful. Night Work Outsourcing You will definitely hear this from more people after getting jobs. Man, now life is set, this is what style means.

 Now I do not want to grow any more and if I get a government job, then they consider themselves to be of a different world, but what will happen to them, if not today, they are still unsecured and limited and because we will stay in this job, that’s why our salary And promotion crockery within a limit only because people will come in government city mindset i.e. mental of saving money and will start saving money in everything.

 How to save money on food How to save gas bill and spent whole life in this set and entrepreneurs doing business know that they have only 24 hours to find it and get something productive out of it so they can do their common work which they do their job. 

They can outsource the work where work can be done without them. Light laundry, cook, dry and improve their skills and their knowledge in those remaining time, and by this they create more new jobs in the society. I hope You must have understood the mentality of those doing jobs and business.


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