Governments Job VS Private Job

 Governments Job VS Private Job 

friends in this article we will see government job is better or private job is best and I will keep 10 facts with you, after that you will decide yourself. And we have also kept 10 points for 10 facts. 

Governments Job VS Private Job


First we will see who is better in the joining process, to be seen, there is also written test for group D level attack of government job, after getting selected, there is human test, again there is physical test, medical test is done somewhere. Face to face interview is also given. 

Despite all this, there is no right way for the team to be selected or not. And on the other hand if we talk about private job then there is selection process in maximum 4 test like written test is optional and online test, group discussion called GD MLA that face to face interview all of these not together taken . It is optional but there is a lot of struggle in this as well, if it is easier than a government job, then in this we give a number to the private ones. 


Next “Vacancy” dosto we people think that private job available is more but it is not that private jobs have to be found only like naukri dot com india etc. Similarly, government jobs are also very limited. It is also not that there are many sectors like PSU, Central Government State Government Railway jobs, if you search properly on the internet, then you will definitely get it, then both of us seem equal here. 

We discover facilities at number three because such students think that there is no medical facility in private that does not get pension. It is not so. Since 2004, in the government sector also, the government has removed the pension scheme. 

Now the government has launched a new scheme which is named as NPS. The National Pension System which is applicable in both the private sector to the government sector, both get one benefit. 


Talking about medical facility, private companies provide free treatment to their employees in their own private hospital and many private companies get medical policies done so that they can get their treatment in other medical and she herself pays its premium and If you look at the government too, they also get the facility, but they get more in private. Still, we would like to give ek point to the private ones here. Who do you think is ahead in the facilities? You can definitely let me know in the comments. 


Next hai holiday dosto in government jobs, they get what is fixed in the holiday, even if they work a lot in the office. If the work load is more in the mat private sector, then their holidays can also be canceled. It is true that no one will refuse, but they are also given incentives, friends, in the case of holidays, the government which is ahead of the private ones, then the government job gets a number in it. 


In the next office hours, the time is fixed in the government job. Even your boss cannot stop you after office hours and if you talk about the private sector, then it is flexible in them, then in this also government jobs come, either they get one point more. 


Next is salary. This is the most important point. If seen, the salary is distributed to them under the pay scale in government jobs. That is why those who are fixed to them will get the same whether they work more or work less. That’s why people don’t take work so seriously because they haven’t got that much. Even if they do more work, they will not get more than what is written in their pay scale, as much as they are going to get and people often complain in private jobs.

 In private jobs, the salary is high only in the higher post and the salary is less at the clerk level. But this is not the complete truth. If you will compare from manager level to MD with government job and private job then you will see more Owaisi in private job. Why salary is decided by looking at your work and it remains fixed in government job, their salary and if you look at class level then their salary is around the clerk of almost government job. 

Provided you join on payroll, even if you have joined on contractual basis, you will get less. As an example, if you take a teacher joined on the payroll of a private school and compare it to a government teacher, then the private teacher will charge 40 to 50 thousand. On this high school student and on the other hand, 

if you look at the government teacher, they get 25 to 35 thousand to teach high school students and where does the complaint live where you join on contractual basis. You rarely get it in government school on contractual basis. If you have the ability then you join Pay Rupee then you. You will get more money. 


Next is incentives. If you compare a government company with a private company, then private companies are far ahead in terms of incentives. As an example, it is understood that if a person from the marketing department of a private company does a good job, then give him a car, bike or trips at high speed Switzerland Bangkok is towards these places. On the other hand, if he is a government job guy, if he has done a good job, then he has to be satisfied with the ticket to Manali or Mussoorie. 


Next Job Security In the case of job security, there is a match that when the company is fired from the job in the private sector, it is a half-truth. Remove from the job that those who joined on contractual basis. Today the contractor will keep you for as many days as you need. 

After that will kick you out. Just those who join the company on their own merit, it is not so easy to get them out on the payroll. They also have to give notice and in the same way, if someone fires them, then there is an employee union, instead they are low and they are all coaches. The company cannot fire anyone like this. 

If someone has joined on payroll and if the same talk about government job, it is not so easy to remove their employee, then it is sitting on government job in terms of pay job security, then here they get a point. 


Next is to stay House. Not everyone gets a house in a government job, yet they get a house, whereas if we talk about private jobs, then there is the concept of pay house rent allowance, so here we keep both of them equal and the last point is negativity is sub-limited in government jobs. 

That’s why no employee works happily because even if he works more, he has got as much as his pay scale will be fixed, the bonus was also fixed earlier, but now it depends on the profit of the company because the company has an acumen.

 According to this, if your company is running in loss then you cannot distribute bonus, then earlier fixed was given but now it is not fixed. People are creative in private because if they do good work in it, they give good incentives. 

To get into the Gordon job, initially one has to make efforts but after getting the job, he goes to the comfort zone. If people compare the work of private job clerks in finance department and forest department of government, then private job people will have all the knowledge because he has fallen well by staying in the company. On the other hand, if we talk about the culture of government jobs, then it just keeps on flipping files, private jobs are far ahead of common jobs in terms of creativity. 

In the matter of creativity, private job must get a letter. Friends, according to our points, private job is better than government job in today’s era, but what do you think, now you can definitely tell me in the comment and finally my opinion. 

If you want to earn money in life a lot and don’t want to live in comfort zone then private job is better for you and if you want everything limited then you must go for government job. 

In today’s time both private job and government job are equally in terms of other incentives facility and job security. Thank you for giving your valuable time.

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