CA Foundation VS Competetive Exam

 CA Foundation VS Competetive Exam

CA Foundation : Friends, in today’s article, we will know which career options are better in Government Jobs and Chartered Accountancy CA CMA. Friends, what happens in our middle class family. Everyone says study. And afterwards find a good govt.job.Our parents don’t let them think about any other career option. That’s why today one side will be govt.job and the other side will hold professional degree like CA CMA and CA and after that compare and see if really govt. Getting a job is the best. 

CA Foundation VS Competetive Exam

Friends, it will be important for us to discuss on this topic because everyone in our middle class family thinks that there is govt.job which can give us job security, can get pension. Can bring a watch to live and yes in dowry will get Lamborghini and cash 10 lakhs. That’s why today’s youth thinks that he was born so that he can give competitive exams because there is nothing to get degrees like graduation, masters and PhD and there is no skill from above. That’s why everyone gets involved in the race of sheep and goat. 

Now some people got angry who told me in the comment of the striker. But I would like to tell that by disliked the articles and filling the comment box, the reality will not change. and govt. job is not wrong. It should also be done but it is wrong to do only govt.job and it is not the fault of our youth also because our education system is so useless. 

Neither do they teach any skills, nor do they give any credit. And those who are completely clever go to America and Europe. Then we say hey look, the CEOs of all the big companies are from our India. Yes, but if the same Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai were in India, they would have remained a part of only one office culture in any Indian company because here no one needs talent. Here reservation is seen before talent, donation is seen who gave more donation. 

Well, on this we will discuss in the last of the articles and will also share some facts. govt. Stay tuned till the end of new articles regarding job and ca cma then we keep some parameters to compare govt.job rca cma and cs. Like people in our society say that when you do work, you will have a good lifestyle, wife will get good, apart from that pension gets job security. 

Keeping these things in mind, how is the joining process of both of us, job security, retirement income i.e. salary lifestyle, and to compare the success rate to other CA ie Chartered Accountancy profession, you have to take ICAI ie Institute of Chartered Accountants of India exam. Have to pass which is considered as one of the toughest exam of India and NCS in CA is passed by their Respect Team Institute. 

Now let’s take ca as an example, to become a CA, you have to take admission in ICAI, which you can take admission even after 12th and you can take admission even after graduation. All the three courses have three level exams. Foundation Intermediate and Final and three years training is also given and the same if see the joining process of govt. job whether SSC be UPSC, RRB IBPS, there is no fixed thing in them. Some have a part of four rounds, 13th Tier to Tier Three Tier four Some face to face interview is taken but transparency is negligible and clear all the exams then fight again with reservation system. Physical Test After so many tests, you have to wait three to four years to get joining because the system of the government is so slow, sometimes students get into thinking and give the exam, wait for the result or drop it because the process of the exam itself is clear. does not happen. That’s why students have to keep protesting in twitter youtube facebook so in this point ca is batter because ca ca have transparency in CS because exam is done every six months. 

If the CA foundation is cleared, then when to give the intermediate exam and the student knows about the next job security. Once an entertainer was asked what according to him is financial risk, then the answer of that entrepreneur was that rex is called where you are completely dependent on only one single source of income, according to that government.job is more risky Logic For every single over we go to govt. 

Since we do not complete on paid data, we will find that the jobs of employees in BSNL and MTNL are in danger, thinking of selling garments to Air India. It is selling many airports in sorrow, so you imagine what will happen to these employees. Now if we do professional courses like CA in CA CA, it has the benefit of it, you get job security by filling it. Once you become a CA, you assume that you are still a CA. Because of this, you minister earned one lakh rupees. 

How do people get job security now? The CA course is conducted by ICAI and ICAI has grown into a state. That is, you will compete with someone. You will have a signing rights institute that you can verify the financial statements of any company and no one can take away this rate from you. By completing CA, you can do a job as well as you also taste your funds. 

That is, you can start your own work. Those in Goa while the employees do not have this overdue and accept it. Due to some reason your company has sunk or you are fired from the company, then you can lose your form at any time and if you want, you can have a relationship with your business. 

What happens to both of them after retirement? On the one hand, in a garment job, when you retire from the job after 60 years, then you do not have any power. Even if you are the DM of the district. As long as you have pollution, you have power only when you take data from that pollution. 

The power of your post would also get lost at the same time but this is not the case with CA CMA CS Professionals. It never happens that you have turned 60, now you will not have the authority to invest your money or your signing right will end or you can run your firm even after 60 years. Your powers stay with you till you die. 

Now compare and write the success rate. That is, how many people really get the joke and how many people are able to complete the professional course like CA in CA CA. Secondly, understand this point well because by this you will be able to decide what you should choose, then comment on Sonia while giving motivation to the aspirants from the coaching centers so that the success rate can be hidden.

 He teaches to take rest for motivation and does not know what to say for motivation. And now Mumbai has also left but the truth is that I want a limit system in job selection, there is no limit system in professional courses like CS in RCA CA. Means only a limit remains in the competitive exam, but if there are three thousand posts in SSC CGL, then out of 25 to 30 lakh people, only three thousand people will be selected, even if only 4000 candidates get a hundred from the front. Then the vacancy should be filled on the basis of reservation at that time. Nor will more than three thousand people get jobs on the basis of merit. 

Similarly, in professional courses like CA in ACM, your hard work is decided. Will you get the position or not? There is no limit system in this. If people pass, they will definitely pass. If you have studied well, then get fifty percent marks out of hundred and pass and you can make your destination in your name. 

We compare income. You can come in the job only up to a limit because in that you salary was fuzzy. Whatever you can do in Passive CMA course and take out your phone, Panchayat can also run your business, so those with a professional degree can do unlimited down. Which now let’s talk about the real facts. We have such a huge population in India. This is the shocking thing from the pressure of youth. 4 to 5 crores who are educated youth, waste their 5 to 7 years on fake motivation that govt. Will get job govt. Jobs will be available, but in reality, in the preparation time of 5 to 7 years, those candidates are not contributing anything to the GDP of the country. Still it is fine in professional courses, training is given there. There is some contribution in the GDP of a country and it is a fact that you cannot deny it.

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