CA OR CMA Which Course Is Best For Students

Friends, today we will see the difference between CMA and CS and we will see who is more powerful, who has more authority,

this article is a request article which was suggested by our weavers and I would like to tell first that this article will promote or support any profession. does not. We will present only facts and data, rest you will decide who is better. 

CMA means cost and management accountant and CS company secretary will keep 4 points to compare both. Course duration, eligibility, what work both, and last income. Friends, there are three stages in the company secretary course, which are also three stages in the cost and management accountant course, only the names are different.

If you want to go to CS or CMA after ten plus two, then you have to go through three stages after that you will get degree. If you are going after B.Com or any graduation then there are two stages Intermediate and Final. Foundation programs are the final stage of CS. If you want to talk about 12th then this foundation will be for you.

If you want to go after graduation, then you have to enter from the second stage i.e. executive program. The second stage is the executive program and the final stage after which you become a CS is a professional program. Foundation Intermediate and Final if going after 12th then all three stages will have to be completed. Now it comes to how much time it takes, that is, how much is the course duration.

If you study hard, then it will take all three to four years and training is not compulsory like CA in both the courses, so the course gets completed soon. Many students think that cma is very difficult as compared to cs. this is not true but here’s what i want to do. Everything is equal in both the courses, only the difference is there. He tells that the seamers have to read more about costing or accounting. But CS doesn’t have much on law subjects. Meaning, understand that in both the courses only equal amount has to be studied.

No one can say more or less to anyone. No one is more difficult than anyone, all are beans, only the name is different and the subject will see Nekchand. Have you got 3D? That means neither cma has the authority to do cost audit GST audit. After that the CS has the authority to allot the secretary. Yes, I would like to add one more point to the CMA. CMA people get authority. That is the Indian Cost Accounting Service which is compatible with IAS officers. Meaning the equipment has to manage the expenditure of the government in it.

Next we will see whose income is higher. I said in the beginning that listen course has equal value because ministry of corporate affairs has given equal demand power to both MCA and hence there is campus placement of CS or CMA. After I became a CS or CMO, when the company comes to the institute for selection, then the companies see the leadership quality communication skills and decision making ability in the students, after that the value of their package is decided. By the way, the minimum package between 5 to 8 lakhs is available to every fresher. There is no maximum limit i.e. the higher the quality of the student, the more they will get the package.

By the way, the value of both the courses is semi and before the last point I would like to tell the knock. Both CS and CMA are not rivals of each other, both are needed in the company and MCA has created both so that both can tell friends or trade fair view together. Brothers are like brothers in CS and CA. No one is bigger or smaller than anyone, in this talk of power, both have semi power even though the way of working is different.

Next point will see what both do the work, the need of another CMA in big companies, every company after a limited turnover they have to do detail study, so there is a lot of demand for CMS for this and till now many manufacturing plants are being set up in India. Apart from that, CMS can also come from the management of the company and there is a lot of demand for CS as well.

Apart from this, there is a need for legal compliance of all the companies, apart from society spending. Opening a company Cracker companies open the actress from the room and both CA members and CS can open their own firm and MCA has done both of them very well. Given that only CS can file ML Newton MDT Seven as an example, in the same way the jackal comes which only CMO can file. Friends, after all I would like to say that both the courts are sitting, if you like to read theory then how can you do CS.

And if you like all this practical like cost accounts tax then you should go for CMA option. Actually, in which topic you would like to see the next article, definitely suggest it. Thank you for giving your valuable time.

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