Become the same doctor, become an engineer, learn or prepare for the exam, the best option is life is successful, but apart from all this, if someone wants to become a lawyer or judge, then will they also help them to reach the green position in such a situation? ‘s duty. 


Hello friends, that’s why today we have brought such exams for you which can help a lot in fulfilling your dream and the name of this exam is CLAT exam, That is why if you also want to return and make your career in 9 months, then this best blog is for you. That’s why do watch it in its entirety. 

Every year around 60 thousand candidates appear in CLAT exam to get one seat out of thousand seats in National Law Universities. Talking about 2020, this exam will be held in the last week of May and till 2018 the CLAT exam used to be on duration basis by the National Law University but from 2019 onwards a public body has been made by the universities for this work, whose name is The Consortium of NLU. 

Its headquarter is in National Law School of India University ie Bangalore, And the public body is made up of all these Executive Committee The Land Conveyor of the Karadaya CLAT Conveyor of the following tier two on behalf of the Vice Chancellor of NLU so after knowing what is CLAT, now it talks about appearing in this exam. 

What is the eligibility criterion for this, then it is necessary for the candidate to clear the ten plus two exam from the National State Board of Education.For General OBC and Special Able categories, it is necessary to secure the minimum position i.e. 45 percent while for SC and ST category 40 percent marks are compulsory.

 Talking about the age limit, it is very good news for the candidates who have appeared for CLAT 2020 that the age limit criteria has been removed from the CLAT exam Or it can give you CLAT exam at any age but after clearing your score boarding can take commission of any one of these courses. 

BA LLB Bachelor of Arts LLB BCom LLB Bachelor of Commerce LLB BSc LLB Bachelor of Science LLB BBA LLB Bachelor of Business Administration LLB BSW LLB Bachelor of Social Work LLB LLM Master of Law CLAT exam is conducted for admission in 22 National Universities of India and more than 50 private 9 colleges. 

Talking about the National Law Universities associated with CLAT, something like this is National Law School of India University Bangalore National Academy of Legal Study and Research University of Law Hyderabad The West Bengal National University of Cuticular Sciences Kolkata National Institute University Bhopal Lester University Jodhpur Hidayatullah National Law University Raipur Gujarat National Law University Gandhinagar.

 Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University Lucknow Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Patiala Chanakya National Law University Patna National University of Advanced Legal Studies Coaching National Law University  National Law University Mumbai Maharashtra National Law University Nagpur Maharashtra National Law University Aurangabad Himachal Pradesh National Law University Shimla Dharamsala National Law University Jabalpur and Dr BR Ambedkar National Law University Sonepat Haryana Where can I do CLAT from National Law University, 

With this, if we talk about the CLAT exam pattern, then the duration of the offline exam is of two hours. In this exam, the question paper related to undergraduate courses will have multiple choice questions and the paper related to post graduate course will have both objective and subjective type questions.

 There will also be negative marking of wrong reporting of objective type questions in this exam. Total 235 are asked in this entrance exam and each question is of one thing.

 After taking all this information related to CLAT, it will also be beneficial to know that what kind of strategy should be made to crack this exam i.e. how should we prepare for the exam, you also know that even though our exam preparation is very be good.

But if we are not able to perform well in the exam then all the hard work goes in vain. That is why do not focus only on working hard, but also understand the technique of solving the paper on time and the more practice you do for it, the more it will work for you. 

Short tricks of mathematics are also kept ready. In CLAT exam, you have to solve 200 questions in two hours i.e. 120 minutes, in such a situation, if you have good command over the match and can take the right opportunity in less time than short tricks, then there is a lot of time remaining subjects. can save for It is also necessary to have a deep hold on General Knowledge. 

In CLAT exam, there are 50 questions of general knowledge and if you remember current affairs at your fingertips, then you will show the correct answer without earning time and will also be able to save time. Also, have full power of English reading. 

Also read: If you have good reading skills in English, then you will be able to understand the questions properly and give answers in less time. That is why work hard on reading along with English grammar and you should also practice logical reasoning. 

There can be only one way to solve Logical Reasoning in a pinch and that is only and only practice, the more you will be able to solve these questions, the more chances of mistakes will be minimized and further also to understand the legal artifacts is necessary.

 It is important to be legal in many CLAT exams, in such a situation, you will be able to solve it only after understanding the concepts of these subjects very well. For this, you can also take help from any of your seniors. After preparing all these subjects, you must also give office so that you know your weakness. If you do this before the exam, then it will also not be there and you will feel. 

Also, every subject has a different strategy, it has to be kept in mind that for the preparation of the exam, do not try to memorize every subject because you can prepare only some papers of the exam by rote, while some subjects with practice and some It can be prepared only by understanding it well. 

So choose the right way to prepare each subject and keep practicing till you become an expert in any concept. Patience and confidence are also essential. 

Apart from preparing for all the subjects to give the exam, it is very important to have patience and to have faith in yourself, only then the mind remains stable during the exam and is able to attend the question paper properly, so be confident and crack the exam. 

Keep the spirit up. Friends, you must have got all the necessary information related to the name Expert Sombir Latin from this video and will prove to be very beneficial for you. 

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