Friends, in today’s best blog, we are going to see such benefits of MBA, after seeing which you can know whether you should also enter the profession or not. And this needy articles becomes very important for those people who have still completed their schooling or are in graduate or else they have done graduation, 


because after this you may find your parents, friends, relatives agreed, son do his MBA. After that, there will be a tension free life, money will start raining. Son do MBA. Yes this is absolutely right. MBA package is the highest in the corporate world. 

But the same few people do not have the key to the call center after doing MBA, then it actually happens, everyone needs capable people in their business or phone.  Like them, they can lead the business and the salary of those people is high because someone is taking the place of the owner, that is why the company needs a leader who can run the business well.

 But what do people think, the company needs an MBA degree. That’s why people become MBA degree holders for jobs. Mate doesn’t make a good leader. Here I would like to share my brother’s MBA journey.

 When he completed his B.Tech in telecommunication, then he was facing some problem in getting a job because at that time 4G had not come in the market, so the company was not needing engineers like him. I didn’t know much from where I should do MBA. 

All eyes were taken out by the people that fights were lacquered on the phone from one of the universities of Lucknow. Due to the absence of fees in two years, every brother will discuss this topic in Guddu Ki. 

Before that we see the benefits of doing MBA for which you have taken. The biggest benefit of doing MBA is that it is growth career friends, this is also such a DD, after doing that, you develop the skill of managing people because there are so many seminars, stage performance teams, working in all these environments. 

I get the urge to manage people in you, that’s why many people do it too so that they get promotion and in normal companies, seven-to-step hiring model is licensed. After that ACB team and Senior Manager Manager Junior Manager are like this seven to level in the company, so if you have done MBA then you get lift job directly from manager level. 

This is the benefit of doing MD in Noida Networks, your metro will be better and if you have done your MBA from different colleges of your top, then the students there would have been very intelligent then those people when your If you are a classmate, then you can understand how much help you will get. 

If you have a startup world tomorrow, your college friends can help you find CD investment for your startup because all your friends will be working in some big company or running their own start up, then they will definitely help you. 

Do because you grew up with them, were spending time with them, then they would know you well. Friends, if you do your MBA from a good business school, then the environment infrastructure there really crowd students alumni, they all help you in increasing your self-confidence, in giving you a good exposure, then 7 more same children come to your business school. 

Those who sleep a lot of MBA, they have big dreams in their eyes, in front of them you will start thinking yourself like, oh man, they get to learn nothing, I do not know anything. However, it is wrong to consider yourself small. Still it comes in your mind then you start competing with them.

 For survival in that environment, then automatically it comes inside you dude, if he comes or does these things, then why can’t I do it and in the same struggle your cell growth goes somewhere. At the beginning of the next jobs friends window, 

we told you that looking for leaders in the company, looking for managers who can manage people, but if you follow me for a long time, then I told that I am running my company then true I’ll tell I am always on the lookout for people who can take my place in my business. 

You can crack the deal by taking this decision of mine. But it becomes very difficult to meet such people, perhaps Door had taken samples of this channel. If I can find such people who can do women betting like me. If possible, why won’t I give him more salary than 03 and MBA degree holders have this skill to run this business because this is what they are taught and it is not taught to everyone and the company knows this.

It is red and after getting a job, you move ahead in life with money, you start earning all the money. Our money pretty much piles up on it. All of us would have that FD, Stock Bonds, Provident Fund, Savings Account and Cards etcetera piled up in it and it becomes very difficult to manage all of them. 

I also had to face this issue, but you have taught me a lot of anti money in this problem. Earlier my investment growth mutual fund stock credit cards could track everything in credit score so now I don’t have to open different apps or go to bank. 

Simply on the dashboard, I can see all the details, in tele-alert free, which mutual fund has gone up, which is down, which mutual fund is getting how much return, shows like hidden of mutual funds. In a few clicks, you can also shift from regular plan to direct plan, so R&D money has become my personal bridge and it is absolutely safe and one panchayat million people use it. 

 There is a link in the caption You can join and manage your money. The biggest benefit of doing Next MBA is that you develop leadership quality. The biggest reason for developing skills like leadership quality and communication skills by doing MBA is that ship theoretical knowledge was not given in it, seminars are held, events have to be organized, teamwork, stage performance, assignments, self-confidence for art mate by doing all these things. 

Come in which helps you to focus extraordinarily in your service life somewhere. I would like to give a disclaimer. You can get all these benefits only and only by taking MBA or PGDM degree from top 20 school of India because after that when I am going to share my brother’s story. 

That will clear everything to you. Where should I do MBA and from where neither in the beginning of the video I told about my brother he did MBA because he was not getting job after doing B.Tech. After that he did MBA from any University of Lucknow, after completing Marketing MBA, he gave a lot of interviews. Didn’t get that job.


 Then when the work of fiber optics started for the 4G network, after going through 58 hard voting, I hired my brother. MBA in the same way. What is the use of such a degree in which even after investing your time and money with hard work, you still did not get anything. Friends are not motivating you. Just telling you that if you want to do MBA then do it from repute university or college.

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