The Secret To Financial Freedom

Hello friends Many people are not able to reach their financial goals because they use words like someday, maybe, or later. Friends, the future is not made by your upcoming works but by today’s actions. You must ask yourself. Will what I am doing today take me to the financial freedom I want in the future. The bitter truth is that 99% of people live a life of poverty or middle class.

Most people follow in their parents’ footsteps and planning. In other words, they will do what their parents have done and their own goal will remain intact. If we stand on one side of the river and just keep dreaming on the other side, our dreams will always remain dreams. First of all we should make our planning real, only then our dreams will come true. For this we need to practice every day.

And prepared for the day when our window of opportunity will open, whenever the window opens, we can mark it because then after some time that window closes. How we had fallen too much in the force lockdown of the Corona period. Those who invested at that time and maintained their profession have become rich today. As we have mentioned earlier that your future is not made by your future actions but by the actions of the present.
In other words, what you are doing today is your future. As Robert Cuevas says, despite having less money, he did not get a job just because he had no plans to become an employee in the future. Instead he spent time in the seminar itself to learn how we can build a business or invest in real estate. Although he did not have money, but still he practiced every day to build a better business and invest in real estate.
In those days, what he was planning to do in the future. Later he did the same, so if you also want to be financially free, then focus on setting up a business and investing in real estate, otherwise you will also have to do what poor and middle class people do. Even after retiring, he looks for a job so that he can earn his living. Other people’s life begins with the search for a job and ends with the search for a job.
Mostly people think that I will invest when I have some money and they also say, I cannot afford. This is the everyday reality of middle class. According to the author, the basic reason for our being poor is that our reality is that of a poor person. Although many of us earn a lot of money, but still they are not willing to change their reality. The easiest way to do this is to constantly change and improve your reality.
However, it is clear that for many people changing their reality and nature is the hardest part of the road to become rich where people are doing the same things their parents used to do. Talking about investing in business and real estate, they say such things. I can’t do that or you know, I’m thinking about investing too. Maybe when I get money I will start investing but we are not ready at all to learn to invest and prepare before investing money.
Friends, dreamers keep dreaming, while rich people make a plan to reach their dreams. Start your future today by planning for the future and for many people the first step in planning is to stop doing the work they do not want to be in the future.
If we don’t want to work hard for lifetime income then ask yourself how you can learn to work for money and portfolio income. Once you find the right answers, make them a part of your planning. This means that you will have to study more.
Will have to read more books. Will have to give test. Participate in more seminars. You have to start a business at home. Will have to meet new friends. In other words, start the work today that you want for tomorrow.
Friends, if you want to retire by becoming rich in your youth, then you can start by listening to your words and seeing your future. Ask them if I keep using these words and think the same, then at what level will I be not poor, middle class, rich, rich or very rich? If you are honest and want to change your planning, then the first thing you have to do is that you have to change your reality by changing your planning words and everyday actions.
What you are doing now is your future no matter what your dreams are. As the saying goes, it is difficult to meet the prince or princess of your dreams. If you sit on the couch, watch TV and eat sandwiches every day. So why is it that all people retire in poor and old age? They cannot stop what they are doing. Even if he has no future. They cannot change their thinking, which is job security.
Thinking of working hard and saving money. Many people will get old. Will wear the clothes of the past and cling to the old and the ideas of his parents and then break ties with the present and the future. It has nothing to do with human age. It has to do with human thinking. We must learn how to make a financial statement because if you cannot read the financial statements then you cannot see your financial future.
The truth is that if we can’t read financial freedom then you can’t see your financial pass present or future then how does a person start his reserve free future. The good news once again is that it starts in your mind. It starts every day with your words, thinking and actions. It starts with checking where and with whom you spend your time. What begins with knowing that you have to make your planning a reality.
Make a bridge to reach your dreams by walking over the boiling water from where you are. If you want to retire by becoming rich in youth. If you want to get wealth instantly, then you need to use more modern and sharp words of business and investment. Not using more effective and sharp words is like saying a man who cuts wood.
I don’t care that I can cut more wood and make more money with the jigsaw machine. My dad has given me this ax and I am planning to use this ax till my death. Today many people go to work and still use their mom dad’s ax in the field of making money and investing. Are you waving your dad’s axe? It means that in terms of money, do you do things like your parents


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