5 Reason To Learn Programming | Why Programming is Important for Everyone

 Hi, everyone. Welcome to this session on top five programming languages. Programming is a skill that comes with numerous benefits, and people usually want to know why they should learn programming. So we have come up the top five reasons to learn programming for this session.

1 – It Guarantees Your Job

So let’s Start with this Session. The first reason we have is it guarantees you a job. Now we are living in the era of technology, and technological growth is nowhere near stopping as the use of technological devices is growing every year. There will always be a high demand for programmers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that within this decade, computer programming jobs would mostly be available to those outside the United States. This is due to the fact that companies are considering employing people all around the world since they would pay them very high. However, jobs such as software developing, web, developing computer system analyst and others show a good career outlook for the next 10 years. Their estimated growth is from nine percent and a proper 91 percent for software development jobs.

2 – Highly Paid Jobs

The second and most interesting reason we have is this job is very highly paid, according to the several studies. This job is very in-demand job in the way the world needs done so programmers for data science, application development, web development, no matter which field you like the most. There will always be a job for you that if you learn programming, let me tell you about the salaries of all top coding languages that developers have. The first one we have is PHP Developer that owns 6 lakhs per annum in India and 96,000 dollar (ninety six thousand dollars) in U.S..
Go lan Developer earns up to 8 Lakhs in India and 93,000 dollar (ninety three thousand dollars) in U.S.. Java developers earn 9 lakhs in India and 98,000 dollars in U.S.. Similarly, a JavaScript developer 10 lakhs in India and 117,000 dollar (hundred and seventeen thousand dollars) in U.S..

3 – Help For Finding Good Jobs

The third reason we have is programming broadens job opportunities. Now we going to the best reason as to why everyone should learn how to code. It can be said that coding is the fundamental skill for good technical jobs. However, it isn’t the only way coding can broaden job opportunities for smaller startups. The coding was a very high value. They hired individuals to take care of coding, and web design may not be the most economically viable choice. Coding knowledge is very helpful in finding good jobs related to the field. 

4 – You Can Digitize Your Ideas

The fourth reason we have is you can create your own app or website. Computer programming, like no other job, it gives you the opportunity to make your ideas digital. This idea can include an app you want to create, and Todd would go viral once you put it in the market. I mean, think about Uber, right? Someone had an epic idea, and they set out to turn it into reality. They can put their ideas into a mobile application by using their computer programming skills. Once they had completed and published the app, it was downloaded by millions of users instantly.

5 – Programming is Easy And Fun

The fifth and final reason we have is programming is all about having fun. I like several little things that are very boring to learn and will get you frustrated in a matter of hours. Programming isn’t like that. That’s not to say about that. Programming does not have a learning curve. But with the right sources, you can learn it very quickly and effectively. You can use programming to build your own game or maybe playing somebody. That said, the payment of programmer is much higher than what you would expect. More and more companies are looking for coders, so now could be the very best time for you to start learning. That will also allow you to be able to pick which job would suit your needs the best without having to settle for just anything that comes, by the way. So give it a try, and you might end up changing your life for the better. That’s it from the session, guys.


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