Is CA Is A Good Career(Co Follower)

 What Is The Job Of CA In India

Is CA Is A Good Career

Well, what do Chartered Accountants do, this question is good because common people think that CA will only prepare balance sheet, file tax return or at most I do audit. But it is not so that CAs work more than this and much more, so this is what we are going to see in this article. What does a CA do after all, so stay with us in this issue. We give you a little overview of what CA works and after that we will tell you in detail that too easy question and we will not let you go in vain.

First Accounting Taxation and Audit You must be thinking, we know this. Why are you fooling us. CAs do more work and the most interesting thing is that only Coopers CA can do that work is reserved for them like Special Company Work Consultancy Professionals Investigation Cost Accountancy can take Director Ship. 

Can do secondary work of the company, can do management accounting. Can offer Management Consultancy and many more. Now let us see in turn what CAs work in these fields, first we will see. What is the work of CA in accounting CA makes financial statements like profit and loss balance sheet and cash flow statements and these financial statements have to be made by every small and big company and give them some financial advisory. 

Now let us see what is the work done in taxation. If there is a case of direct tax i.e. income tax and indirect tax indirect tax, then reports have to be filed in them and if there is any taxation case on the client, then they also represent them and in GST also the same thing can be done. . That is, making a report, auditing and representing the client,  is now in front of the government, 

what remains in the audit ratio, you will know the name of only a few hotels, but in reality there are 12 13 ways of audit like internal audit stay letter and date You know how to reduce. Apart from this, there is also management and audit, information system audit, banks, debt stock, debt, forensic audit, energy audit. 

The rest you can see from this crane like what is actually an audit. See, audit does not mean that you are going to expose any company, it is not. Expose the movie Dalek. Nothing like that happened. The CA only has to audit and tell the truth and fair. The rest do management and work which they have to take legal action. 

 Now what is the work done with the CA in this special company voice. He has created all the mail address in MCA in In Corporation ROC of the company like showing seven financial structure from such four entities and showing purpose such type of work is done 4 next. Consultancy professionals ie work related to bankcruptancy. There is no separate exam for this and 10 years of credit is required in it and only those who are CA are allowed.

Now let’s see what was the work in the investigation. Investigation ie CA holds the financial position of the company, apart from that any new share is being issued, then all the work related to that issue has to be seen by the CA and any sale purchase or financing business reconstruction in the business is amazing. In all these CAs keep their eye and work in IT remains only for CA, secondly in this I am being called a dialogue. If the police perform their duty properly, then not even a slipper can be stolen from in front of the temple. Same CA do his work properly then not even a single fraud work can happen in India. Friends, which movie is this dialogue from? Can definitely tell in the comment.

Next is cost accountancy, it is full of some people that all the work related to cost can be done only in CA but I want to tell you CA I can only do cost audit rest Cost of the product How much will it cost to manufacture it. He can also tell, in such a way, how of course the CM will be able to tell better, yet the CA can also tell. That’s why the CA students are taught the subject by the cost guard.

Next is directorship which CA can not only work for the company, he can also run the company become director because he has all the knowledge to run the company like tax audit cost. He lives in their syllabus, so you must have seen that many companies have CA directors so that the company can run friendly. 

Next  The job that is there is secretarial and secondly a chartered accountant can do secretary work in the company especially in small companies. Apart from that only Secretary can give advisors other than Saline, apart from that, AOC can also do all the work which is banned from NGT or less than three corruption related work. Although the CAS will do well, but the signing authority of the CA also resides in it. 

Now what do they do in management? So they can give Management Accounting and Management Concentrate CV, the ratio will come and see. What is the work done in the office of an average typical CA, we are only discussing it in the last so that only those who have remained in this issue till the end know. On an average, the work of TDS is done in the Testing CA firm. Project report is generated. Each sample generates a project report for any construction related project, CMA data is generated. 

That is, if you want to take a loan, then you have to give a CA certificate. It is called that and after that you can give consultancy. With GST income tax, you can become a stock broker, can become a financial analyst or can become an independent director and not only this, if you want to send money from abroad to India, then 15 cb CA SEBI Compliance 

CA has to be given only after completing And audit is done in every work, so hope you have come to know what work is reserved with CA and how much responsibility is there like how the article was written. Do share in comment

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