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Friends, in today’s issue, before we start the article, we are going to see the complete process of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst, I would like to tell you that which topic we are going to cover in the process of completing CFA hai first ham jobs security see you  After doing that course in which you are going to invest your time, which job offer did you give or what level of work you will have to do.

What Is The Job Of CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst)

After knowing the job profile, we will see from entry, then fee course structure salary and finally I will give you my opinion. Whether you should do CFA or do any course with it. Discuss everything. Well friends, the courses of CFA are not like accountant’s or MBA degree, this course makes you a master in the field of finance and investment.

Since these are USA based courses so you can assume and this course will have value in all countries. After becoming a CFA chartered, you can either do a job or do that in the investment and management sector. If you work, what are your options? Go into Portfolio Management. Researcher jobs can be done in the field of business and investment.

Apart from this, Consulting Investment Strategy Risk Analyst risk management can get jobs in all these fields. In simple words, you can go for any job in the field of finance and investment. Now what we do in the field of investment and management, only those people can do wealth management. Commercial banking can work in investment banking.

You can also work in the insurance sector. Can also work as assets manager. I hope that I have been able to give some knowledge of job profile. In CFA course you can handle in two ways. One has done graduation or masters and second you have work experience of four thousand hours.

In this point, we will explain you well that 4000 hours of work experience is needed for those who have done any professional degree after their 12th who have not done graduation or masters degree. In these, Chartered Accountant CA CS CA, all these courses, which you can do after the initiative of Dera, they take 4000 hours of condition and this is the condition that you can do CFA course even after graduation.

But make sure that your certificate of education is not before according to your terms of service.  next fee friends CFA is USA course which gives CFA institute degree so you have to pay in dollar only then you get to see more fees in Indian currency. But it is also $700 thousand is normal for a developed country, not more and not less, yes this fee is high for Indian student, in this you have to pay 450 dollars to roll first main.

This is one time registration i.e. by paying $450 you can become a student of CFA Student. After that, in all the three levels of the CFA course, the same fee has to be paid for level one level two and level three. It just has the concept of early registration and standard registration.

If you do early registration then you have to give software and if you do station railway station then you have to pay thousand dollars. That is, the sooner you register, the less money will be spent. You can convert according to Indian currency, I will not because the value of dollar keeps on changing all the time. That is why if I tell you the rate now, it will change after a few days, then it will not benefit you and this is a fee of $ 700 thousand, if you could not do it for the labors at once, then you would have to pay the fee again. Is. • Keep the target in this regard, you can see from the list of how many dollars you make by combining all three levels to prepare the civil level in one go.

Next is the course structure Friends, one of the specialties of the CFA course is that their institutes design their courses in such a way that it is updated all the time. Their syllabus is much better than our India’s syllabus because in our India, the syllabus does not change for 10 15 15 years.

Even today, the CFA keeps updating its course all the time according to how the power button is used to teach the computer to a small child. The entire CFA course consists of 10 subjects comprising all the three levels. That is, the subjects taught in CFA level one are also taught in 10 subjects level two and level three.

There is a difficult entry in only subjects, in Ratia subject you get to see many such subjects in Ethics Quantitative Methods Economics Financial Reporting and Analysis Corporate Finance Equity Management Fixed Income Derivative Investment Alternative Investment Portfolio Management and the best part of this course is this course In this you get to see more passing percentage.

In CM level one, two percent children pass and in level two, two percent children pass. It means if children give exam then 45 students pass in it. I am not saying so. This institute’s website is telling and in the final, fifty four percent children pass. This passing percentage is more than CA and CMA courses. 2 3 percent passing in CA course • Percentage remains and only CFA course jobs have to compare salary with other courses, then you can check by our ideological differences, I will give in the description in the link and I will also pin in the payment .

Now you have passed all the three levels after that you have to do four years training after that or CFA is called Chartered Holder. Talking about salary, the reality tell me that the work of CFA is done by the professionals of CA CMA MBA Finance in India. I am not motivating you.

The answer of FACT Patara and CFA is found in MNC companies in India, yet you can expect the package of people who have decided by doing CFA. I am telling this from the data of In the website of the institute, we tell you more and in the last, whether you should save your opinion city or not. Whether to do any extra course with CFA or not. I do not get salary for this, it is also the bottom of your bus. You get salary because of your knowledge and it.

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You should do only CFA course but do it diligently so that you can become a masters. Your film then you will not need any other degree and they must do it because it is a global course and that too of USA and want to know what is the benefit of doing CFA then look at left article and compare CA with CFA course If you want to do then see the article of right side.

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