IAS VS Business Man

If I ask you which work is the most risky, you will say that doing business is the most risky and if I ask which work gets respect and job security, the only answer for all of you will be to become an IAS officer.

Well all these people understand that’s why we will compare IAS and business and see, is it really easier to become an IAS officer than doing business in which we will compare career, work freedom, lifestyle, earning and I would like to tell first to make this article The back is not to belittle or support any profession. First we are career risk dekhte.

Second, if we think about business, then it comes first in our mind. Everyone gets scared even before the businessman thinks about investment loan, risk, but the truth is that no one mentions it in our society. The biggest risk in this world is to become an IAS, how come let’s know friends if you take IAS or any competitive exam, then we will see that it takes two to three years for the preparation of IAS.

If we leave out two or three attempts, then if you give two or three attempts, it takes four to five years and what have you learned from these four to five. No one learned only general knowledge with it and according to the data of 2000 19, 8 lakh students had given the exam in which the vacancy was 830, then the passing percent only part zero percent i.e. 99.90 percent of the chances of failing to become an IAS and in the preparation of IAS Even 50 60 thousand seems to be the minimum.

In comparison, if we look at the risk in business, then we will find less because many businesses started with very little money in the beginning. Can take only the founder of your CA. Colonel Sanders started with a chicken ke rehri and today KFC has become such a big brand.

In this way you can read thousands of studies in which billion dollar business was started with very little money in the beginning and even if someone fails in it then you will have hard knowledge that will be more than an MBA degree.

Your marketing skills will develop, your communication skills will improve because you only communicated with people in your business. With this skill you can join any company because only skill is seen in the company and not degrees. Now you can see for yourself who has more risk, next work has freedom. Friends, many of you will not even know.

IAS officers also have to do field work and due to the high workload, many such officers have to work till late nights. Because it is so. There are politicians over the IAS officers and their decision has to be implemented and if they do not follow their decision, they are also transferred because IAS officers are government servants and many of the IAS officers are also transferred to the backward area. Where there is no proper road connectivity.

According to this, IAS officers have to work under a lot of pressure from politicians but in business you are your own boss and you can decide. You will not have to take permission from any boss for when you have to take leave and when to work.

That’s why someone told the truth. By becoming a big servant, becoming a good small master at least gives freedom. Next we see earnings. In this, you can grow the business very quickly and there is no risk of closing the earnings because businessmen keep investing their ideas in different places from where they get profit all the time.

In this, as Robert D in rich dad date, as he says, development in life is where your single thinks about income and this happens with job seekers and IAS is also a job that’s why there is only one way in IAS The income is government salaries. That is why IAS is also in a limit and if we talk about other relationships, then there is income in it, serving such officers is also more, yet they earn less in comparison to businessman.

Next is  Respect so I want to ask you a question. If a person gives you a job, provides you a good facility, then you will give more respect to him or you will give more respect to the work that works under you. ovisaly you will give more respect to the salary you get. According to this, if seen practically, then the businessman gets more respect because you know the names of such successful IAS officers.

You can ask yourself the question and know how many successful business entrepreneur. Do tell on the comment, it will be affected, you only know successful businessman. If you keep the DC or DM of your district on the side and keep Mukesh Ambani on one side, then who should you respect first.

You will respect Mukesh Ambani because how much benefit do we get from him and how much job he creates in our India, the video you are seeing on the internet may also be of Jio, that’s why and if he comes to the service of civilized society too If they do, they charge money for that, they do not create any job by themselves and create jobs in business standard societies, make our life easier, then it is seen that businessmen do more social work in our society, so less they are IAS That’s why businessmen are ahead in terms of respect but IAS to govt.

You get a lot of power from it which the businessman does not get. Let’s see in Life Style Common Service or IAS you have to Govt. Everything is available without being made from. You have to follow a protocol, you are not able to pay much attention to your family because you also have to do field work and if you want to live a luxury life then you can choose business because in that you can live life according to your own style.

Huh. For that you do not have to take anyone’s permission and so in the end I would like to say that as long as the basic purpose of education is to get a job, only servants will be born in the country and not the masters.

Friends, in which topic would you like to see the next article, you must tell me in the comment. Friends, share this article with your friends so that the fear of business in their mind can be overcome and they will be motivated to do business.

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