How To Increase Instagram Followers

 1. Optimize your Instagram account

Instagram is the leading photo-sharing social network and is the most popular platform in the world. It is connected to more than 100 million users, who share more than 30 billion photos every day. Instagram also offers public profile pages that allow users to post photos and videos, search content and discover new friends.


 Last year Instagram became a top source of traffic to Google’s search engine after several years at second place. This made Instagram the number one destination for users seeking information about the Internet. 

The most important aspect of Instagram is keeping your followers engaged and interested in your account. This can be done by increasing your follower count, getting more likes on posts, getting more comments on posts, and by adding hashtags to your photos. You can increase your Instagram following by taking action on each of these points for a few hours each day, or all throughout the week.

For example:

Implement 1-2 actions each day that increase your follower count

1) Post a new image every day (more than 10 photos per week)

2) Comment on a post (more than 10 comments per week)

3) Get 10 likes on a photo (more than 20 percent of total number of posts with a certain keyword in them)

4) Add hashtags (more than 20 percent of total number of posts with a certain keyword in them)

Topic: Who Is Your Target Market? Taking stock in who you are targeting and what you want out of customers can help you determine which business models will work best for you and how they will cost you money to reach them. 

Let’s look at what I mean by market first — it’s not just about who you want to sell to; it’s also about who you are selling to. If you are selling niche products or services like photographers or online marketers, it is still relevant that this customer knows about those products or services before they buy from you. 

You certainly don’t want strangers coming over and asking questions — but if there are people within their target demographic whom they already know well enough that they need help with something that they have trouble managing themselves then this isn’t a problem either. 

The same goes for buyers who have had bad experiences with similar products before — let’s say before another company came along and offered exactly what they wanted from their house cleaning service—and then decided to go with someone else instead because “they were cheaper!

2. Keep a consistent content calendar

I’ve seen multiple posts and comments on how to get more followers on Instagram. For the most part, I agree with them. But here are my observations on this topic:

> It’s a great idea to start posting content to your Instagram account. There are tons of ways to do it. However, if you notice that you don’t get the same amount of likes as before, then you’re not doing it right.

> If you have an Instagram account but hate the way you look or feel about yourself, then there is no point in posting to your account because nobody will see it.

> You can always improve your profile by doing things like changing the color of your profile picture and adding more text to it.

If you have any questions about this topic, please comment below and I will be glad to answer them for you.

3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Can you turn followers into customers? But the answer is so much more complicated than just having more followers. A follower can be a customer, but there are important differences. There are two main types of followers: active and passive. Active followers are those whose attention you’re hoping to attract to your Instagram account. Passive followers are users who like your photos, video, or have a personal connection with you, but don’t actively engage with your content.

An active follower will click on an Instagram post and follow you or watch your videos or keep scrolling through your feed. They act as an invitation for you to make them part of your world, one way or another .

In addition, active followers tend to be engaged and return to social media more often than passive ones do. If a business is building up an active audience and wants to increase the amount of engagement that happens between its posts and Instagram users, it’s important for the business to schedule Instagram posts in advance and plan out how many times it will post each week or month (depending on the business).

4. Get partners and brand advocates to post your content

Getting more followers may be a great goal to start with; it may even be the only goal that you have. But you need to go beyond getting followers, and go deeper than just having a better follower presence. The first step is to attract brand advocates to post your content more often. 

That’s no easy feat, as your Instagram account is still not as well known as other accounts on the platform. However, there are many ways to attract brand advocates and get them onboard so that they can start posting regularly — or even post on a regular basis — for you.

For example, one way is by offering discounts and coupons that your followers will love. Another way is through the use of hashtags, which will help to bring in new followers and brand advocates who are interested in using your hashtag. 

Once you have brand advocates who show up regularly for your content (and aren’t just using it for free), you can consider an audience-building campaign on Facebook , which will help drive consistent engagement from brand advocates who are also active Facebook fans of yours.

Once they start posting more often, they begin contributing back to their own profiles with likes, comments and shares. These activities lead to more posts from them being on Instagram , which helps drive more overall Instagram engagement from brands that are already fans of yours who want to create those connections with their own followers on Instagram .

A great way of getting brand advocates onboard (and keeping them onboard) is through giving away some freebies like posters, books or merchandise. It makes sense because you’re offering something valuable like this to entice people into commenting on your posts and liking/sharing them after all!

Another way is through providing a discount coupon code or banner in order for people to share your content without having to do all the work themselves (see “How To Get More Followers”).

6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere


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The easy way to get more Instagram followers is to post pictures with hashtags. It’s a good strategy if you have a dedicated Instagram account and have built a following in your niche. The downside of it is that there are always a few people who do not follow the #hashtags, and your followers will be lost for those people. So, sometimes it’s better to use other strategies.

Marketers should also be aware of the fact that posting on social media doesn’t automatically increase one’s Instagram follower count. For example, although Google took some time to make this clear in their blog posts on “Facebook Likes”, they have now updated their algorithm to take into consideration hashtags as well as likes when determining an account’s overall number of likes or shares.

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