How To Grow Youtube Channnel In 2022

 YouTube is providing the platforms on which every one one become a famous personalities and celebrities by uploading the videos. 

There are many youtuber who becomes the millionaire from youtube money.  And after that you have to post a video for your audience. 

You have to select a particular niche that defines your channel, only that your channel can grow in future. In YouTube you  have to post your original content in which you are master.

Once you have complete a 1k subs and 4k watch  hour of video on your channel then you can can monetize your channel.

 Monetization is not easy or not complicated. It is depend on your mindset that how you see this target. In noe days youtube had launched his new features called youtube shorts. 

Under this you have to make videos less than 1 minutes. This shorts are always in trending, so it is great news for beginners. 

Because the beginners can grow more faster on shorts videos as compared to normal video.

Once you have grown your channel on YouTube now you can become a very rich. Because their is many sources from where a youtuber earn.

 Like Adsense account, promotion, sponsored, superchat, products reviews etc. But the major income and earnings of youtubers come from paid sponsorships. 

Also Adsense account provided million of earning to this youtubers.

Once you have crossed 100k subs youtube give you silver play button as reward. Golden play button on one million subs.

 Diamond play button on 10 million. Aslo youtube give various products and services to their creators. 

YouTube also organised a youtube fan feast where he invite various big youtuber.

Do you want to grow that community?

I would like to help you grow those communities.

How are you growing your videos?

I’m going to address the content that I like to create. My videos work better when I approach them with these three ingredients:

* You always show the joy and craziness of life, not in an overly serious way – This is content you can watch with your best friend.

* You’ve got to have repetition — I’m all about doing more of what works and ignoring what doesn’t.

* For that reason, making videos is a form of analog storytelling.

1. Content that shows the joy and craziness of life

Sure, online videos have the chance to bring joy to viewers through humor, comedy, information, and science.

But why?

Because we have a history of people watching online videos and enjoying them.

Many people may not always remember the movies that they watched in the theater. There are currently over 110k employees in the world who work for Netflix.

And yes, that is an actual number.

If I added each and every video I could, I would probably grow to greater heights than it already has. But we can’t expect that people will stay watching things because we make YouTube videos so entertaining.

Much of what we post is not to incite conversation.

Let’s consider this.

A movie or a TV show tells us the story of the story of war or humanity with a few tidbits of the story. A story that we all know, even if we’ve never heard of the character.

Which is boring.

Who wants to watch a movie that just gives you the background story without much originality or relevance to the war or humanity?

If you don’t like that, go read a book on Harry Potter, Hardy Boys, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These provide a good story.

Another great content type is the 80’s style movie.

Where a movie still has the ’80s feel, but has newer stories and a modern setting.

People came to watch that because it was ’80s inspired.

Contrary to what people may say, YouTube doesn’t create a good platform for sharing content.

Let’s create content that is relatable.

Do we want to see what others do while we are in our own lives?

My videos focus on how fun it can be and how crazy life can be. They are short and silly. Everything I post is something I want to do, to see.

If it were easy to create content that made me wanna grab my camera and capture moments, I’d film everything on my phone. 

2. You also have to explain how it works

Why is this important?

You must explain how everything you do works, whether or not anyone knows what you are doing.

That’s why you want to join websites that help people with technology.

Here, you should write an article that explains how you used to get this password change. Or how you joined an organization you tried for so long, until you finally found your way in.

Sticking to writing about video captures the whole process. You want to write about how you stuck with it for so long.

2. Create a list of things you want to catch up on.

What do you want more of? Movies, books, board games, foods, animals, music, and so on.

Then think about the stuff you don’t want more of. Maybe it’s a hobby that you already have, but are yet to explore or go to a concert or something. 

3. Turn YouTube into your analog storybook

Video is a visual medium, so create stories that convey that.

But if you post your video you have to have stories on this medium. It can be in visual, video, and written form.

They are all about storytelling. But being a creator is similar to being a writer.

It means the same thing about anything that you could do. It means you want to be remembered.

It means you want to get recognized. 

This is my way of helping YouTube creators become more successful.

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