CAT Entrance Exam In India

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CAT Entrance Exam In India

Friends, I always tell you that if you want to do MBA then you must do atleast MBA from IIM SMS or top fifty colleges and for admission you have to clear the entrance exam from CAT GMAT then only you get admission. Here I am not saying that only you will give CAT exam TO HAI will get admission in top colleges, it is not like that and also like fed and mat mat. 

If you ask questions to all the caddies, then the preparation for the rest of the exams also becomes automatic. Apart from that, CAT exam scores are accepted by most of the top colleges, so this is an advantage, so in today’s article, we discuss about CAT exam. When registration has to be done for this, when the exam has to be given, what is the cut off, which books are read, everything will be discussed. 

CAT means Common Admission Test. It is a computer based exam and the entrance exam is conducted by IIMs only. After passing CAT exam, you can take admission in any post graduate management program like MBA PGDM or PG PPN and 90 colleges in which this exam is acceptable means if your rank comes after passing this exam then you can get 90 colleges You can apply in Now the matter of eligibility is wrong, then you can give this exam after completing your bachelor’s degree and anyway you can do MBA only after graduation, then obviously you will have to take the category only after graduation. 

Graduation whether you have done your BA. B.Com or B.Sc or BBA doesn’t matter. You can give CAT entrance exam but you should have fifty percent marks in graduation. If you are a student of the final layer or are waiting for your result, then you can give the exam now, just for this you have to take some certificate from the principal of the college or university from which you are doing your graduation. 

Friends, there is no age limit to give CAT exam and you can give unlimited items for this. Today more ATMPT matters. If you want to go to IIM, then attempt is seen and talk on next registration process. To register in CAT exam, you can visit this website and you should keep note of this website because all your work is going to be done from this website. 

The registration in CAT exam starts from August to the end of September and its last date is till October and admit card is also issued by October and most of its exam is done in November and result is declared in January and college also till February to all. 

If it comes, you should stay updated in these months. In Next Expert CAT exam, the questions come in 3 sections, first is Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension and third is Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning and its syllabus is only till 10th, so in Quantitative Aptitude you are asked questions from Maths. 

Questions like English Grammar Sentence Sentence Correction are there in Verbal Ability and Reading Compression. next Data Interpretation in Logical Reasoning Quotient is asked in Binary Logic Clock Blood Relation Calendar Password etcetera and there have been northeast changes in Pandey in the exam so you should keep in mind. 

There are also two types of Quotient Panchayat SNCU Apps and Non Insecure Tax Insecure Quotient Main Negative Marking in CAT Exam. There is no consensus on giving wrong answer sojat and non insecure do not have negative marks, so the exam becomes tough. Actually CAT exam is not that tough either. 

It is much easier than JEE exam, if you have given the exam, then Madison is going to keep you like this. Now talking about books, if you should get the fifth book, then I will serve you. Now he is the best beyond Arun Sharma’s book. Four books can be read comfortably, the rest if you take coaching, then you will get the books there. 

Yes Arun Sharma’s books are best for self-studying students. Now let’s talk about cut off. If your target is IIM 99 TO 100 percent cut off and in IIM A B C then apart from cut off then work experience etc. is also seen. I hope you must have been growing big with little information.

CA Direct Antery Or CA Foundation Route Which Is Best

Which is better direct entry route and foundation route for Chartered Accountancy course? To become a CA, it was not even recommended by the viewers. Especially Nandini Khanna had recommended that sir which entry route cries better to take admission in CA,  Friends, in this article we will see the process of becoming a CA from both the roads and compare it and which is the problem and which one is more, they will discuss and after that try to give the solution.  
First you are any graduate by giving foundation level exam after 12th or second option now. If you have done BA BCom BSc Masters MBA then you can start your CA journey directly at CA Intermediate level. Sir did not understand anything, there are three levels to become a CA. Foundation, Intermediate and CA Final. 
If you want to be in CA course after 12th, then you have to decide all these three levels but if you want to do CA after graduation, then you have to start studying CA from here i.e. CA Intermediate level. But there is some problem with the direct entry route, if you look at the entry process made after the first 12th, then there is a CA foundation exam, you can also consider it as a way of entrance for CA. It consists of four subjects and a fee of 9000 is charged, then to clear the total foundation level, the exam fee etc. gets completed in 10 thousand to 10 thousand and its exam is conducted every six months. 
After clearing it, you come directly to the CA Intermediate level. That is, you saved three years of graduation ab aap intermediate by clearing two levels or after clearing one level you have to start three years articleship after doing the same orientation program and 15 days of IDP training and the same direct entry It happens at the level, because you are a graduate, you are directly given admission at the intermediate level, but the problem comes in this, you take admission but you are not able to give the intermediate exam of CA. For that you have to wait for 9 months and in that 9 months you have to do articleship, then somewhere you are allowed to write CA intermediate level exams and in this also you have to take the same and Aditi’s training is compulsory only after that you Can expand articleship. I hope this has been understood by you, when the direct entry student completes the articleship of 9 months, after that clears both the groups of intermediate level, after that the process of taking admission in articleship final is the same i.e. foundation level clear
 The child who is doing it and the child with direct entry becomes semi, yet now it comes to which institute is better, if you ask me, my opinion will be the same, it is better in CA foundation because if you clear all the level by putting one attempt. If you do, then in 21 years you would have completed CA and this does not happen in the direct route. 
You get a chance to become a CA at the age of 24 to 25 years because you have spent three years in graduation after twelfth. For this reason, the child with the foundation stays ahead. Apart from this, there is a problem in studying in the direct entry route because you have to study intermediate along with articleship. 
I am not saying that at all, intermediate cannot be cleared by doing articleship. You can do hundred percent only while studying on discipline jubilee, I hope I haven’t been able to give you a solution. Actually this video is only for those people who want to enter in CA course after twelfth because if you are already graduate then it doesn’t make sense, you go to clear foundation level again because it will waste your time and money. .

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