MBA OR CA Which is Best Carrier Option For Students

MBA OR CA Which is Best Carrier Option For Students

 Friends, in today’s topic, we will compare which are the best in CA and MBA course and at the beginning of the article let me tell this article is going to be completely informative. For this, we have passed the course duration entry process income of both the courses and what happens if the most important ones are not passed. You will get help in choosing which is the best in both the courses.

MBA OR CA Which is Best Carrier Option For Students

 Official Assocham report says that 90% of MBAs in our India are those who are under-employed or illiterate. This is because colleges are opening like a factory to become MBA in India, in which degrees are distributed but students do not have quality, that is why they remain illiterate.

 If we leave the top twenty institutions, then most of the MBAs coming out of private institutions are doing jobs of 10 10 15 15 thousand because private college students do not get profession like IIM and also there is no facility like IIM so that among people A negative image is being created towards MBA.

 Actually MBA is a very good course provided you pass from a good college, then only you can get a package of twenty to thirty lakhs. 

That’s why in this video we are comparing MBA and CA courses of top IIMs because to become a CA there are not thousands of institutes like MBA, there is only one Institute of Chartered Accountants of India which is also called ICAI, only ICAI can make CA. 

can go. Let’s see the first time course duration, by the way, we are telling you the course duration of top IIMs. Talking about the top IIMs, the general MBA course takes two years. If you are running for two years, you are making a mistake.

 See if you want to get into IIM you have to pass entrance exam like CAT etc and if you visit any IIM website you will find all the students who are passing IIM entrance are already doing some profession. I mean you understand. 

The entrance of MBA is so tough that after passing the degree of normal B.Com, you are not able to crack it. You will get 70 percent only students coming from engineering, the rest are CA Lloyds CS etc. The entrance is so difficult that very few people take admission in IIMs. 

That’s why you have to add the duration of engineering or CA course in the duration of MBA course because if you are not doing any other profession then you may feel some difficulty in passing the entrance exam and you can also check in website. 

How many percent students come from which field, let me assume that it is going to take 5 to 6 years after schooling to become MBA from top IIM Institutions. But if we look at CA, there are three stages in it. There is also Foundation Intermediate and Final and Compulsory Articleship of three years.

 Minimum it takes you 4 to 5 years and there is no maximum limit. Next we see the admission process then in CA we saw three stage is foundation intermediate and final mat. 

It is easy to take entry in this but it also comes in this, everyone gets entry in CA. It is difficult to complete CA after ten plus two through foundation route or after graduation from direct entry road. Here I would like to share one thing of Swami Vivekananda ji, 

Never Thing Waris Anything Impossible for the Soul Days The Greatest If everyone reads in this pudding, then you will definitely become a CA. Now let us see the process of stacking in MBA. 

You have to take admission in the top ten institutions, for that first you have to pass the entrance, only then you have to fight the reservation, after that you have to compete with the next engineering students from the limited seats. 

Then there is an interview, after this process, you get admission in a good college somewhere and if we visit the site of top institute, then you will get most of the CAT or CMAT exam cracked by engineering students because the quotient in the path of Exam It is asked that he is somewhere in the favor of an engineering student. 

Apart from that there are CA CS CMA passout students who have become something or the other. That’s why it happens. In normal B.Com etc. the base is not available so that students can clear this CAT exam well and even if you have taken good coaching, it takes you two to three hours. 

If you What has happened even less, that’s why I told you in the working point that some course should be done before entering MBA, which helps you to pass CAT exam and if you have got admission in MBA colleges. 

So it is guaranteed that you will come out as MBA. Next we have knowledge of both friends Ratan Tata ji says today in neet MBS to round business but I need CA Cities MBS heart other business This statement is true somewhere because a CA has solution knowledge to do business Like Tax Laws Management, Accounting Audit and CA course,

 these students will hardly have any other course in India in which they give so much deep knowledge and how to give presentation to them in MBA. Well it is said that like a Chartered Accountant prepares the balance sheet and submits it to the MBA,

 after that the MBA people describe it to everyone.That’s why they go to the details of everything to the CA and if the CA or MBA is not able to be made at the most important point, then what happens, friends. I told you in MBA. 

One has to do hard work only to take admission in MBA, after that if entry is given, then you will leave with MBA degree and package of 15 to 20 lakhs. The problem comes in MAT entrance, many students put three to four ATMs, it is not clear and what you learned in the entrance is not implemented in practical life, then three to four years spent in the entrance would have been completely wasted.

 And there is no tension to take entry in Chartered Accountancy course but problem starts after taking entry, yet even if you become a CA, you will get the job of accountant with your accounting skills, apart from that you become a tax consultant. 

To become a tax consultant, CA degree is not required, only knowledge of tax is required and finally we talk about income. Friends, after doing MBA, you only have to do a job and in the job you know that promotion or salary increases in a limited speed, Purna Singh has two options, either you can do a job or start practicing CA. 

If you start job then you will get sub limited just like MBA. If you choose second option practice then your income will increase very fast. The turnover of many CS is also in crores. Friends, which course did you like better, you must share in the comment. Thank you for giving your valuable time. You must boost our morale by subscribing to the blog.


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