How To Become Financially Freedom

 Steps To Get  Financially Freedom

Friends, when we are in this school or college life, then we have some misconceptions about the career that how fun life will be after college. How fun would life with a job be? en Freedom will be Freedom You don’t have to ask family members anything, can do anything, can eat anything, I will go on a date. Manali Mussoorie will be on the mind of many.

After college, I will ask Anjali or talk to Sumit, but as soon as college life ends, many students get rid of many illusions, then they see how difficult life is. Nothing happens as you imagined. That is why in today’s article we will discuss about four such misconceptions, which we think, nothing like this happens in patience, but it is very different from that which you should prepare in advance.

First myth job and job security. If we look at highly educated educated people, then their financial script goes like this that the boy goes to college, graduates, then gets a job and soon money starts coming to him to spend. Now a new TV buys new clothes for entertainment and also buys a bike and a car to fulfill the hobby. Now a day he falls in love with a girl and then he gets married for some time his life is going well because two people live on one person’s expenses or both work and both together They also save so that they can buy their own house. This is the dream of every couple, after all, they find the house of their dreams, withdraw their accumulated money and make it the down payment of the house. Now they get home loan or EMI, because they have a new house, then it is obvious that new items will also be needed to decorate it and they take furniture and necessary things on EMI. Life starts with great fun but their life gets drowned in the depth of loan, only then their first child steps into this world, then they work hard so that they can give good education and upbringing to their child and that’s why they have to work for the whole life. They remain trapped in the clutches like this.

If you look around you, you will see the same conditioning in everyone. This is because our financial script is done in this way since childhood and to show fake wealth and to pay EMI, we need an earning source which is secure. That’s why they look for job security and that’s why these people want job security because this is what has been taught at this school at their home, doing a job, doing a job is more important for financial security. We are programmed like this, earning money means doing a job, that’s why it is obvious that most of us pay more attention to job security than to get financial freedom.

But my friend earning money doesn’t just mean doing a job. You can open your start up, run business, invest in other’s company, you will be financially free, you will not have to sit in the circle of EMI. You can also buy things with cash. ab second myth come “To get a good job need a good degree.. Friends, when we are in college, we feel that we are not really like we are programmed. Through our society by teachers that if we have If we do not have a big degree, then we cannot become successful in life.  That’s why we do degree graduation master after that till PhD but after a stage we start feeling like this. That the degree that we had taken was not needed, let’s assume that you have a fever of 103 degrees. Now you will go to the same doctor who is very famous, people give good reviews or comments about themselves. Never go to the doctor knowing how many degrees that doctor has, which college he has gone to or when your doctor starts prescribing medicines, then you do not ask him that doctor, wait, wait. First of all, tell which college of yours Did you take a degree or you do not ask your architect before building a house, brother, show your degree first. Only then we will give you work. You just watch their work and write it and you see people’s reviews of how well they do before calling them. Yes, a good degree only helps you a great deal. When you were fresher Once upon a time there was an interview of Ankur Ware sir. Was saying that his B.Tech MBA degree is of no use today because people listen to his videos just because what value addition he is doing in the life of the audience, so if you are in this school or college right now, then you should know about this.  Degree is a by-product, it will go to

Next Financial Related Mix When a student is a student in this school college, he has the same perception about money, as soon as he starts earning, he will immediately start taking things of his hobby even if he has to take loan EMI for that . Expensive expensive clothes mobile car bikes will spend their hard earned money to buy things they don’t need and show people what they don’t like. We often do this by buying useless things and sending them home which we do not need and that too to be shown to useless people. So should you be such a person? Friends, the people who are rich in reality, they win by looking ostentatious. You can only look at Warren Buffett. He still lives in his old house, uses a padded phone and even today he roams around in his old car. Despite his age, he still does not lag behind in eating ice cream and cold drink burger. This means you don’t spend money to show people. Spend money for the happiness of you and your family.

Next Freedom Test School In college, we understand the meaning of freedom as partying with friends. Parents should never forbid anything. Manali seems to be able to go to Mussoorie, but in reality, this Freedom Valley definition seems fine only for 24 to 25 years, but after that the meaning of freedom does not remain the same, then we can see the real world, the real freedom is that of your own life. There is so much control over what I am doing. With whom am I living to earn money? Am I able to feel the needs of my family or not? Can I take leave if I fall ill? Financially am I free, when do you eat when do you sleep? What do you wear with whomever you want to be with? can you stay Whatever is happening is under your control and you want it. That’s why those things are happening, it’s called freedom. That is why after a while the job also starts looking like a cab, that is why from now on you can choose the work of your choice. So only if you do a job in the first myth, you will get job security. Does not happen like this. Your goal should be financial freedom. If you are financially free, then job security is a by-product.

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Next myth We had seen that a big degree should be seen in a big job, it is not yours. If you want for this, then you will get a good job like this, so do not focus on your skills. In Next Financial Related Myth on Degree we saw that more people take things only on loan EMI. Show off but in reality people who are really rich don’t pay much attention to credit and people don’t buy things to show off

Next Freedom doesn’t just mean going out partying. Freedom is the amount of control you have in your life. With whom you are living, how free you are financially, it all matters. Thank you.

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