Friends, in today’s topic, we will  giving details about BBA i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration and my motive is not only to tell you the details of the call. As always, I will share my opinion with you. In such a situation, main can give you the correct information because there are people in my family who have done BBA. 


I told you in the last video also and I am going to tell you the whole process as well as what is the college like in BBA and what is different from graduation degree, they will also share. That is why in today’s it is divided into three parts,

 then we will see how is the atmosphere of the colleges, after all what is kept in BBA that this course has become so popular and we will also discuss a little bit about the subjects of BBA Honors and General Will do so that another over view can also be found. 

Second we will see course details admission fee in eligibility subjects jobs scope and finally I will share my opinion. Friends, let’s first discuss what is the atmosphere of BBA colleges, how the exam is taken, that means what happens in this course. Let me talk about my cousin who has done BBA. 

From June 13, his class on digital marketing in his college used to be the same theoretical as B.Com normally. Now you will say hey Sumer brother, if your brother has taken admission from some small colleges, then these also remove the confusion. 3 lakhs was charged to him in BBA fees and hostel fees, then even 20 children of normal college would study, that is why in the final year of his BB college, something practical had happened to save the honor, it used to happen in the examination. 

If extracurriculars are being done, seminars are being held, then it would have been understood that if we used to pay the project fee, then everyone used to buy it from Baja and submit it. Well, I am not motivating you. 

If you do BBA from top college then you will definitely get the benefit. What is written in their prospectus is also original. If internship is written in their prospectus, then they must have done it and there is not much difference between the channel in BBA and this specialization. 

In Judgment also you are made the same way and in this specialization also the basics are taught. Yes, if you do this specialization, then you are given more knowledge in any particular subject, so in this video we will see the process of how to take admission in top colleges. 

Surely now we will see Koshti, whose BBA is an undergraduate course, its duration is three years. There is semester wise exam in BBA. It consists of six semesters. In many universities, whether there is an yearly Vaishya, it depends. 

Yes, most of the universities have only semester system and there are four subjects in every semester, even if we talk about admission in college, then admission can be taken in both online and offline mode and the university you will choose to take new admission. 

There is no university question in this. By the way, admission in BB College is done in two ways. By clearing these direct admissions and an entrance exam, why do CAT entrance exams have to be given for admission from any number of top colleges across India.

I got this exam conducted in AIEEE All India Management Association. For admission in direct colleges, there is no need of good percentage in n plus two, they give you admission easily. see nothing. That is why always remember that duty we get easily from duty, its value is less.

 If gold was a leader studied anywhere, its value was like soil, Nate my cousin got university somewhere without Indians and want to go through entrance route then you have to have average fifty percent in ten plus two and if you u get entrance If you pass the exam, then you get a scorecard to take admission in the top colleges of India. 

After that you can take admission in Top Sixth Colleges like New Delhi Institute of Management Ahmedabad University Presidency University and Bangalore Other colleges and universities you can see in IIMs from GATT website and you can give exam both online and offline. can. 

You have to register online to give U Gate exam. The application fee shrinks, you see that you have to spend three to three and a half lakhs to complete the fee structure list BBA. Now in top colleges, the average fee has to be fixed from 60 thousand to 1 lakh 20 thousand shifts. 

Talk about eligibility, to take admission in BBA, you have to pass in intermediate pay i.e. ten plus two but you have to have fifty percent in ten plus two. Next subjects like subject jo. And depends on this specialization. It varies on every university. In this I will recommend you. 

Visit the website of the university under which you want to take admission, because there are many branches in BBA and if you start telling from the subjects of all the branches, then the video will not be less than two hours. 

Now let’s move on to the confusion in which I am also going to give my surname. Friends, if you see the subjects of BBA. No matter what police you are doing. Hotel Management Marketing Digital Marketing. Some of the subjects taught in it are similar with the subjects of normal B.Com and with the basic level of the field you have chosen from the second year.

If you are doing BBA in finance then it is not going to happen at all that you should give CA level knowledge or get MBA level knowledge. It is the same nascent who in digital marketing that my cousin did, whatever was being learned about ACU Advertisement Marketing, they can also read for free on the internet. 

Apart from that, now you can learn from online platforms like GREAT at a very low price.  Most of the people in  India belong to middle class family who know the importance of money. Those who have a good job expectation after doing a good course and tell the inside thing. 

There is no Shirdi about whether you will get placement after being busy or not.Credit is if you want to do masters after doing BBA, then according to me it is not face to invest so much money by doing BBA. 

You can do normal graduation for masters. That’s why I agree if you are getting some university or college then only you should do BBA. If I am telling the right thing, then share this whole articles with your friends, Thank you.

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